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Women’s Day Giveaway by Anne French (50 Winners)

Women’s Day Giveaway by Anne French (50 Winners)

Women's Day Giveaway by Anne French (50 Winners)
Women’s Day Giveaway by Anne French (50 Winners)

Happy Women’s Day Ladies!

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Anne French is Giving away Fifty (50) Anne French Tender Care Convenience Hair Remover KitEnter the giveaway below in two easy steps. 

Here’s to the Woman! Mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend, colleague…. No

what her role is,

She knows where she’s going,

And will keep on until she gets there

She knows not only what she wants from life

But she has to offer in return!

She gives the gifts of thoughtfulness

She shows her caring with a word of support

And, understanding with a smile

She juggles effortlessly between her various roles…cute daughter, sweet sister, darling wife, adorable mother and a wonderful leader.

Clearly, a Women’s life isn’t an easy ride!

On the eve of Women’s Day, Anne French enthuse to make at least one aspect of Women’s life easy and convenient, i.e. Hair Removal Process.

Steps to enter the Giveaway:

  1. Follow Makeup By Hina on Google+ (link here) and/or Twitter (link here) [you can follow either Google+ or Twitter or Both to enter]
  2. Comment Below with your Google+ and/or Twitter username.

Please check the rules below before you enter :

  • The Giveaway is open to Indian Residents ONLY.
  • This Giveaway will run for 5 days, from 8th March ’14 till 13th March ’14.
  • There will be FIFTY winners. Winners will be selected on the first come basis.
  • There are ONLY two steps to enter the giveaway and both are MANDATORY, if these are not completed I will unfortunately have to disqualify all your entries in this giveaway.
  • Please complete all the Mandatory steps to enter. Incomplete entries would not be entertained.

All the best everyone!

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