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Women In Leadership + Contest

Women In Leadership + Contest

Women In Leadership

Women are becoming more and more noticed for their exceptional success in the tangentially male dominated corporate world of global business. A number of successful women have finally been able to walk up the corporate ladder, arriving to high-ranking positions in some of the most renowned corporations of the world.

We are currently living under a record-high number of simultaneous female world leaders. The time has come to re-frame the gender issue and explain the world the about today’s woman leadership and empowerment. #EveryWomanIsALeader

Women In Leadership
Women In Leadership

Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman and CEO of IBM said “Be First And Be Lonely”

In recent years, women have risen to the top of the corporate world. From Indra Nooyi at Pepsico to Mary Barra at General Motors, the rise of women to CEO of major companies has been celebrated. More noteworthy has been the dominance of women in higher education. After centuries of male dominance, worldwide women now outnumber men in both university attendance and graduation.

Women In Leadership
Women In Leadership

Now the  average  ratios of university participation of women have surpassed men. While the average global university enrollment ratio in 1970 was 160 men per 100 women, today it stands at around 93 men per 100 women. As per the recent study its has been observed that girls outperform boys with better classroom grades, teacher assessments and scores on college entrance exams. In fact, in many companies and countries they recruit a majority of young women as they clearly outperform their male peers.

The best women leaders I know have circular vision that enables them to be well-rounded people.  For example, they have their finger on the pulse of the culture and can talk to you about the latest pop-culture news – but then easily switch gears to give you their perspective on what is taking place on Wall Street.  Women leaders seeking a chance to be significant see the world through a lens of opportunity; they are especially in search of those opportunities previously unseen

Nowadays, we see women running the house and also the work place which shows women are master multi-taskers and highly collaborative- not afraid to experiment and do trial and error. We also see the women leaders are now ready to invest in themselves and become good knowledge seekers. Women in leadership roles are ready for a challenge, and want all the fact and knowledge required before making decisions.

Successful women leaders don’t rely on favors; they earn respect   and truly believe they can influence their own advancement by serving others. The women that we see around are understand their survival, renewal and reinvention. These women definitely believe in what they are doing and are not afraid to put their to test.

Today’s women are opportunity driven and full of optimism. These women see the glass half fuller than half empty. Today’s women in leadership is strategic and passionate . You now see when women leaders are not satisfied with the status quo, they will want to make things better.  These women leaders get things done and avoid procrastination. They enjoy order and stability and a genuine sense of control. Today women have learned not to depend upon others for their advancement hence their passionate pursuits allow them to become potent pioneers of new possibilities.

Today’s women have become entrepreneurs and are not afraid to take risks when assigned a task. Many women leaders find excitement and motivation by being extremely creative and resourceful when completing tasks and other duties and responsibilities.

The most successful women leaders are big believers in team building and the enforcement of mission, goals and values to assure that everyone is on the same page with like intentions.  This secures a sense of continuity making it easier for everyone to have each other’s backs.  No wonder women are assuming more management and leadership roles in family owned businesses.

Whether at home or at work, women are often the glue that keeps things together and that is why they represent great leadership. Women are usually the ones to secure the foundational roots of the family and to protect family and cultural traditions from wavering. They give the leadership within the home and in the workplace to assure that legacies remain strong by being fed with the right nutrients and ingredients.

As rightly said by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence” women’s presence in leadership roles is definitely making an impact and the world today has started recognizing, appreciating and empowering women. Women have shown the world how they are great business leaders, and how their approach to business  is strikingly different from men, due to their unique skills and leadership approach.


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