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WIN 5 MAYBELLINE HAMPERS! + 10 Things You Don’t Know About Alia

WIN 5 MAYBELLINE HAMPERS! + 10 Things You Don’t Know About Alia

WIN 5 MAYBELLINE HAMPERS! + 10 Things You Don't Know About Alia
WIN 5 MAYBELLINE HAMPERS! + 10 Things You Don’t Know About Alia

Hola Girls!

Hope you’re doing great! I am back with another super easy contest in association with Maybelline India.

Maybelline recently finished their Hangout with Alia activity which went viral. To continuethis activity, maybelline released a really exciting video which has tidbits from the hangout and where Alia reveals all her secrets. You can see the video below: 

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the contest:

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Steps to enter the contest:

  1. Watch the video above and comment below an interesting fact about Alia.
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
  3. Share this post on your Facebook wall tagging 5 friends. Make the post public so that I can see it.
  4. Tweet ‘Win 5 #Maybelline hampers by answering an easy question about #Alia. Enter here http://wp.me/p3JCbq-vh9’

Rules : 

Please check the rules below before you enter :

  • The Giveaway is open to Indian Residents only.
  • There will be FIVE winners in this giveaway.
  • All the entries are MANDATORY, if these are not completed I will unfortunately have to disqualify all your entries in this giveaway.
  • Please complete all the Mandatory steps to enter.
  • Incomplete entries would not be entertained.

Once the competition ends (on 15th of September), I will pick the winners through random.org. If you have any question, you can drop me an email at hina@makeupbyhina.com.

All the best Everyone !


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  1. I also commented here but not can find now the entry! 🙁

  2. Thanks for thr giveaway!
    Interesting fact about alia is that she sleeps a lot!!

  3. Hi Hina,
    Aalia revealed facts about her likings, favourite etc.
    1. She loves her Baby Lips.
    2. Her skin’s beauty is nothing other than the fact that she sleep a lot..:)
    3. She loves nailfie..:)
    4. Her proudest moment ”When her Dad said, that he cant sleep. He is proud of her”.

  4. thank u so much 4 this lovely giveaway !1
    the interesting fact about alia i noticed is she loves to sleep and she compare herself with a sleeping cat isn’t it so cute. i felt it really so cute and cool .

  5. Thanks 4 Lovely Giveaway 😀

    Alia’s revealed some amazing secrets….

    1: Alia’s Skin Care Secret is drinking lots of water and sleeping soundly like baby.
    2: Alia’s fashion mantra is to take risks and be carefree means it doesn’t matter what you wear it matters how you carry it.

  6. hi hina…
    m loving this give away and would love to win this from u…

    facts about alia are:
    1. she can not choose between varun and siddharth and she adds that they are her left and right arms.,.,
    2. alia can sleep like for 18 hours a day like a cat and says when she sleeps she sleeps like a baby…

    i would love to win it..i have my wedding on nov26 and would appreciate this as my wedding gift from u…

    warm wishes to ur blog.,.,

    subscribed to you tube : vandana.jmd@gmail.com

    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vandana.mumbaikar

    twitter : https://twitter.com/cool_vand

    will share it on twitter aswell as facebook.,

  7. Hi Hina
    thanks for fab giveway The fact i liked about alia is She wants to star in d bollywood reamke of fault in our stars .second the quality she wants in the man she wud love is if he could make her laugh,
    she attributesall her success to US her fans !! her proudest moment was wen her dad said alia i cant sleep i am so proud of u awwww!!<3
    thank u !!
    wish to win

  8. HI Hina
    The most interesting fact i liked about ALIA is her obsession she sparked off the nailfie treand as we all know its a rage now ! Also i loved that she said that varun dhawan and sidhart malhotra are like her right and left arm !! that so sweet !! her favourite color show shade is silver and she likes nude as it goes with all d outfits !!Her skin care regimen isto drink lots of water and sleep like a baby woahh i ll do it now !!1
    thanks<3 <3

  9. Hey Heena! Thats an awesome Video! 😀 Thank you tons for hosting such a Fab Giveaway! Woaaah! Maybellline! Who doesnt love it ! Ryt “Droooooooooooooling” 😛

    The two things about Alia Bhatt which caught my attention was :

    1. Her Fashion Mantra – I didn’t know that she is so Bindass and a Risk taking person when it comes to Fashion! Ooooh! and I loved it! She is really an Inspiration to so many of us! As they say : Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so take risk and live life Queen size 😛 She fits perfect in that! <3

    2. Dream Man : The one quality that she looks for the most in a guy is "the one who can make her laugh" OMG! Thats awesome and thats what I love too (He should be Chandler funny, yeah : Chandler Bing Funny) Lol! 😀

    My deets:

    Youtube Subscribed via : divya.gattani88@gmail.com
    FB share link : https://www.facebook.com/divya.gattani.7/posts/10152719850608120
    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/divyaszaika/status/508461686466945026

    Thank you!

  10. Hello Hina, thanks for this awesum giveaway . Wish to win my favorite Maybelline products .
    Interesting fact about Alia is she drink lots of water , love her Baby Lips and she would love to act in Bollywood version of Fault in our stars.

    Done all steps wish to win 🙂

  11. the interesting fact about ALIA is that she loves to take nailfie like me…… her skin regimen is to drik lots of water n lots of sleep…… AND THE SPECIAL ONE HER PREFERENCE FOR MEN WHO CAN MAKE HER LAUGH……… DITTO LIKE ME…. IT FEELS AT MANY TIMES WATCHING VIDEO THAT ITS MINE…

  12. Amazing Giveaway

    The one fact which amazed a lot is

    A confident girl #Aliabhatt is the #Brandambassador of world famous brand. In this video I like the moment when she proudly said “Her Dad is proud of her, that he can’t sleep”. This is really an emotional & encouraging moment in the video.

  13. Alia’s interesting fact is her skin regimen is drink lots of water & sleep a lot.

  14. Interesting Fact about Alia is she love Nalifie & always keep it with her

  15. Thanksss for this amazing Giveaway.Hina
    Alia is looking so beautiful in this video.:)
    Interesting fact about Alia is That Her fav movie is ‘Zakhm’ .This is my fav too 🙂
    Her fav colorshow nail polish is Silver..And her beauty regimn is drinking a lot of water and sleeping a lot . 😛

  16. interesting thing about Alia is she love nalifie like me.
    and proudest moment shared by her . she is just like us as we feel proud by making our parent proud and they words count a lot in our life

  17. The interesting thing I came to know that Alia Drinks lots of water and use baby lips…and take lot of sleep for healthy skin….

  18. super giveaway..
    Interesting thing i came to know Alia from this is the She would like a guys, who can make her laugh… Thats so true we all want to search a guy like that.. Super

  19. Very nice and one interesting giveaway…
    Alia sleeps 18hours and i found that strange as well as interesting and that is her beauty or fashion mantra.. BDW i love watching that video…

  20. Amazing giveaway.
    The Interesting fact about Alia is she drinks lots of water & take sleeps lot for healthy skin.She likes to take risks.

  21. Heylo Hina ,before I get to Alia’s interesting fact I would really like to thank you and Maybelline New York for having such a wonderful giveaway/contest 😀 and also giving us the opportunity to participate <3
    The interesting fact of Alia is that she is an amazing singer <3 She sings so well love how she sung the baby lips song super cute <3
    Thank you once again for the wonderful contest 😀 good luck to everyone who participates
    loads of love xo's

  22. Alia really looks like a baby so there is no need for her to use baby lips.My personal favorite is Berry crush.

  23. One quality Alia looks for in a guy is that he can make her laugh. Alia’s favourite movie of her dad is ZAKHM. She was watching this movie yesterday only.and her favourite Color Show nail polish is SILVER

  24. The interesting fact about Alia I got to know are that Siddharth Malhotra & Varun Dhawan are like her left & right arm and she gives the credit of her success to all of us. That is the sweetest thing any actress has ever said. Alia is simply the best & most adorable actress we have had in a long run now. I just love her 🙂

  25. First of all Great Giveaway .. Keep it up and i wish I win it too !!
    Interesting fact about Alia is – If ever Fault in our stars will be made in Bollywood she would kill to be a part of that movie
    and also that she cant choose between her 2 best friends Varun dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra as they both are like her right and left arm !! She is blessed to have 2 amaizing co-stars who are her besties also .. lucky she !!

    I like the hangout video .. Thank you for the giveaway once again

  26. Watching most of alia interview i feel she is cute sweet innocient as child and yess very attractive sometym she remind of of past bebooo…

  27. Interesting fact about Alia is that she is loves Baby Lips which i Love tooo! 🙂

  28. Hi hina,, loving the products which are there as a,prize and really wnt to win for my younger sis as she is same of Aalia ‘s age and they too have similar views, wat I saw in the video. The fact I loved abt her nailfie trend and nude color show she choose, and truly I believed that this color surely can go with any outfit. Second fact I loved was her proudest moment of words by her father, she is like every daughter who loves to get praise fRom her father:)

  29. Wow awesome giveaway..
    Well I just came to knoe that her favourite film , which she watched like till yesterday..
    N also she sleeps like a baby, which is also her secret to look gud, well i too sleep a lot..

    Done all the steps,

  30. I found that fact really interesting & touchy as well as a daughter when she said that her father is sooo proud of him that he could not sleep all night
    Every single girl want her parents appreciation and proud in their eyes and when its done, it feels great, just like Alia

  31. The fact tht i loved bout Alia is that she likes to take risks….n also that her fav nail paint color is silver coz thtz my fav too…. 😀

  32. The interesting fact about Alia Bhatt which caught my attention was:
    That she must have Maybelline New York – Lip Polish Pop 6.

  33. Her favourite song is I love my baby lips 😛
    How cool is that . Suits her lips for sure 😀 she is super adorable…

  34. The interesting fact about Alia Bhatt which caught my attention was:
    The one quality which she looks for the most in her dream man is that he should be the one who makes her laugh. (I agree with her. I too want my dream guy to be a very jovial person who always makes me laugh)

  35. Hi Hina
    Really came to know many interesting facts about Alia but the most interesting fact is that the proudest moment of her’s is when her Dad said that he cannot sleep coz he is so much proud of her… Really for every girl,it is a big honour…

    My youtube id is seema rastogi

  36. the interesting fact about Alia is that her favorite song is baby lips and lipstick she likes is Lip polish 6. And one thing that her skin regime where she drink a lot of water and sleeps a lot will help us to make our skins glow more. Thanks Hina for organizing such a nice giveaway of Maybelline hamper.

  37. The interesting about alia ,,…she drinks lot of water and sleeps alot and i also do same……nd she like BABY LIPS and Alia wants to be star in bollywood adpation of the fault of the star :)…And Thnx Heena for organising such beautiful hamper giveway 🙂

  38. Hey Hina! First of all a big thanks to you and Maybelline for organizing such a wonderful giveaway for all your fans and best wishes for years of blogging ahead for you!
    Coming to the contest question, I love the fact that Alia loves catching up with her sleep as much as I do!! Also, the fact that she would love to act in the bollywood version of “Fault in our Stars”! Done with all the steps of the contest! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for announcement of winners!!

    Saachi Garg.

  39. Interestingvfact abt alia is dat we both share the same secret for skincare regime dat is drinking lots of water n take more sleep

  40. I found it quite interesting that Alia is so fond of nailfies like most gals of her age are passionate abt doing their nails with fab designs these days 😉
    I also loved to know that she values ‘laughter’ so much in her life that she wants her guy to be capable to make her laugh 🙂

    Shilpa Bindlish

  41. The Interesting fact about Alia is 1. Alia’s skincare regimen is drinking lots of water & a lot of sleep
    2. her fav. song I LOVE MY BABY LIPS

  42. The interesting fact about her is that she loves an old movie=zakhm…. I have never seen the movie but after knowing it’s her favorite, i would like see it..

    I also got to know her favorite nail paint shade that is = silver… which is also my favorite 😉 Completed all the steps.. 🙂

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