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True Love, Finds Its Own Way !

Before I start, let me tell you guys that this is not a post about makeup or beauty but about something I really want to share with you guys. Also, its not a story and although it sounds very filmy, its the truth. With due respect, you can stop reading and move to other topics if you are not interested. Gone ? For those of you who are still reading, thank you ! 🙂 Lets begin…

Everyone has that one special moment in their lives where they just wanna scream on top of their voice and tell the entire world how happy they are. This is my Special moment where I exactly want to shout on top of my voice and tell the entire world, the reason for my happiness. Well, I can’t do that as my neighbors and people around would think that I have gone mental. However, I thought I could always share my thought here and literally tell the entire world. 😛

Something that looked IMPOSSIBLE four years back is becoming possible now. I mean we had never ever expected my parents to agree about our relationship because of the religion difference. We believe in God and we have Faith but we also believed that destiny has got us together and we will be together if we are meant to be. So, the only option we had was to fight. Fight for our love and we fought for f**king 4 years. Trust me guys, four years is a very long time, fighting for something which is totally impossible, but we never gave up. OK  I did give up a couple of times but he was always their by my side, to support me, to give me strength and to remind me about what we are fighting for, for our LOVE !

In-spite of it being a long-distance relationship, we went strong, super strong. We had countless hurdles, ups and downs and difficulties. In fact  there was a time when I was grounded and my phone was taken away from me for about a month but it made us stronger. I still remember how he managed to get me a secret phone, those late night talks in the washroom, those tears, fights with parents, etc, etc. As they say, love can break a stone and they were our parents. My Dad kept some difficult condition in order for us to be together which I didn’t agree neither did I tell him about it. I somehow managed to convince to meet Him once and then to decide whatever he wants and  I would agree to it.

I still remember the day when my Dad agreed to meet him. I was so happy that day. All the pain, hurt, tears has vanished and all I was left was with pure happiness and of course  tension about the meeting. Today, was the day when they finally met. It was an impulsive plan and I wasn’t prepared. I had gone numb when I came to know about the meeting and all I could do was pray and cry. I don’t know why was I crying, but I was. I was not included in the meeting looking at my state.

The meeting went on for 2 hours. As expected, my Dad kept those T&C in-front of him which I never expected he would agree, but he did. He agreed it for me and he also convinced my Dad. I still remember the moment when I was called and told that they’ll get us married. At first, I thought I am dreaming, then I was convinced that it is a dream but it wasn’t. It is the TRUTH. Impossible had become Possible. True love, found its way. I still feel its too good to be true but its happening. The next meeting would decide our wedding date. I am sooooooooo happy that I can’t stop crying even while writing this post. Thank you being a part of my happiness ! 🙂

I want to share this post for everyone who is fighting for their love. I know guys how it feels. I only want to tell you that please don’t give up on something so special as Love. Love find you only once, don’t let it go. Stay strong ! True Love, Finds Its Own Way !




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  1. I read this post today 🙂 glad you re getting married to your love 🙂 I know what you would ve gone through & with the religious difference between you both. I had been there too, but sadly it dint work. But I m truely happy for you 🙂

    Wishing you all happiness in your life

    -Ray 🙂

    • Thank you Ray ! I am so sorry to know that id didn’t work for you. But trust me, there is always something better. I can feel your happiness in your comment. You are a sweetheart. Thanks a lot ! :*

  2. WoW, Congratulation girl and agreed with you True love finds its own way. 🙂
    I’m wishing you a happy & prosperous life. Stay blessed and good to see your post is helping others too.

  3. very very happy for u hina… true love definitely finds its love… nd i can totally relate to the pain and anguish u went through… mine was a similar story with although the same religion but different caste system… i just hate this Indian caste system altogether… how can just a surname bring about so many difference and hatred in human kind… anyways.. all’s settled and we r now married for a over a year now :))

    wish you both a happy happy life and never let this love and support for each other die 🙂

    • OMG ! I am so happy to hear your story Supriya !
      I hate the caste system too but we have no choice. 🙁 I am glad everything went well for you.
      Loved you last line ‘wish you both a happy happy life and never let this love and support for each other die ‘

  4. oh my goshhhhhhhhhh..im soooooooo happy for u guys..thank u so much for sharing this awesome news with us!! LOVE always conquers everything!! i wish u all the joy and happiness in life!! omg i feel so happy for u!!!

  5. Hi Hina! Yes, it`s possible!!! Im very happy for you. We are kind of in the same situation, different religions, but our parents were always supportive from the very beggining, so for us was not as hard as for you… No matter beliefs, religions, and tradition, love is stronger. Greetings from Vietnam! 🙂

  6. I maybe a new follower but I’m super happy for you! 🙂 Love overcomes all hurdles! May you both be forever happy *touchwood* And Cogratulations and you have your wedding very very soon ^.^
    lotsa love! <3

  7. Wow..I am jsut abt to say to my parents abt my love..got strength from ur arcticle…Wish u all d best & happiness in ur life:)
    Stay Happy & blessed:)

    • Awwww.. I am glad it could help you. 🙂 All the best babes, I am sure your parents would agree. Will pray for you.
      Awaiting to hear the good news from you.

  8. I’m so so sooooooooooo happy for you….i know how it feels to be fighting for your love….I’m so glad you both stuck it out till the ….its a lesson for all those who give up just because they cannot face the struggle ahead….I’m so proud of you guys….wish you the very best fo for a life full of happiness 🙂

  9. thanks for being soo strong jaan….will keep u happy all of my life :*

  10. I am very happy for you Hina. It is as they say: All is well that ends Well!

    All the best.

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