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Tip of the Day – Lip Balm !

Tip of the Day – Lip Balm !

Winter brings along dry and chapped lips. Lips enhance your beauty hence it is very important to maintain the condition of your lips. To prevent or cure dry/chapped lips, always carry a lip balm wherever you go. Also make sure you chose the right kind of balm for you beautiful lips.

Stay beautiful ! 🙂


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  1. I might be benitag a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

  2. oh i have this 😀 its a pretty good product too bad i got an allergic reaction to it 🙁 so i couldnt use it… anyways please visit http://arayllana.wordpress.com as i am doing a steve madden give away 😀 ~~!

  3. I just picked up this eos balm in strawberry this week! Its SO adorable!

  4. love my EOS lip balm! I love the packaging. So awesome. been using the Karen Murrell Lipsticks a lot and a bambola beauty chap stick. both awesome n natural as well!! x

  5. Very cool. One of my co-workers has one..at first glance I had to do a double-take 😉

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