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[Closed ] The Four Fountains Spa Giveaway ! :)


Hello Everyone,

Yes, I know that its not even 15 days since the last Giveaway ended and I am already back with another. We’re on roll baby. ;). Thanks to Sakina from The Four Fountains Spa for sponsoring this amazing Giveaway. 🙂  This would be open to all my amazing followers from India only.

There would be there winners are the prizes are mentioned below :

First  Prize :

  • One hour of full body massage therapy.

Second & Third Prize :

  • 30 mins of partial body massage therapy.

Rules : 

Please check the rules below before you enter :

  • The Giveaway is open to Indian residents only.
  • There will be three winners in this giveaway. I will choose 1st Winner with the best answer and remaining two winners via Random.org.
  • There are only six entries and the first 5 entries are MANDATORY, if these are not completed I will unfortunately have to disqualify all your entries in this giveaway.
  • Please complete all the Mandatory steps to enter.
  • Incomplete entries would not be entertained.

Also, I find it extremely rude for people to follow a blog just for a giveaway, and once the giveaway ends they will un follow them. So, if this is your intention, please just don’t enter, not only is it unfair to my loyal followers it’s just plain rude.

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The Giveaway would end on 10th of April 2013. If you have any question, you can drop me an email at info@beautywidbrainz.com.

All the best Everyone !



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  1. playing holi is distressing as we don’t have to be careful about mixing and matching colours 🙂 we can choose whatever colour we like and without even worry about OTT and there is always fun to be colorful party and masti 🙂

  2. Getting all drenched in colors and water,Running around playing with friends and Family,having Yummy Gujiyas and Kanji Vadas-All such activities make Holi a de-stressing festival for me.But unknown people trying to color you on the roads and throwing balloons make it distressing :-/

  3. Holi is distressing because for this one day, I’d want to get submerged in colors without caring much. Its family, friends and some ‘me’ time. I can act like a kid and enjoy every bit of it. The pleasure of splashing colors and bursting water balloons is unmatched! I could do ANYTHING do re-live this day!

  4. I find distressing because of how it’s not played now-a-days not because it is a festival, instead how guys take advantage of this and would satisfy there perverty-ness (not a word, but you know what I mean) by playing holi teasing women in a disgusting manner.

  5. Getting the colors off of me is distressing!

  6. Reporting to work on Holi is distressing for me..
    Not able to take leaves and
    visit family is distressing for me..
    To always be cautious and doubtful about
    the kind of color (kahin toxic elements like chromium, lead, nickel, silica toh
    mixed nahi) the other person is using on me is distressing for me..
    Above all, the ‘attack’ on
    roads – when strangers throw water balloons, colour water, and eggs is
    distressing for me!
    Holi is a fun festival of colour, and known as a festival when your enemies become your friends and all is forgotten and forgiven !  So much distress due to this
    festival is not called for! Let us all play safe and enjoy!
    Spa would is my comfort in this distress, hope I win this voucher and get an
    experience to pamper, relax, and sooth myself! *fingers crossed* : )

  7. holi colors are distressing for me…colors bring happiness

  8. I have always and still am living in a place where they dont include me in their holi celebrations. Of course this distresses me 🙁

  9. I’m a newbie to beauty blogging world – I entered thinking its a cake walk and trust me – I was so damn wrong. 
    Reviews – Shopping – Reviews – Staying updated with this fast moving blogging world eats up time to relax myself down. 
    Simply – I’m in need to relax my body and soul 🙂 – and when it comes free of cost to a girl – it adds to their happiness (Like a cherry on  a top ;))

  10. now -a days holi is not the same we experienced in our childhood . today colours seems like weapons .it has got so many chemicals in it which lead us to doctor instead of joy of festival and some times it leads to last rites too yes m serious if u gone through today’s news paper u must had read about the incident accured in thane train . really scary .i think that is enough to distressing of holi .

  11. SharmisthaGuhaChowdhury

    the colors are always a de-stressing things for me.. i don’t like monotony of single colors.. colors brings happiness and light.. what can be the best reason to celebrate colors, Holi is a for me is the most de-stressing festival.. love to be child. on this particular day.. 😀

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