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The Brag Company !

The Brag Company was founded in 2006 in the US with the launch of the now famous Bra Bag. The Bra Bag was designed to solve a nagging problem that many women faced — expensive bras getting ruined in their suitcase when they traveled. No matter how well packed, they always seemed to arrive dented and creased. The Bra Brag provided a fashionable yet practical way to protect their undergarment investment on the road and at home. The unique and patented Bra Bag has received wide consumer acclaim and substantial media attention including appearances in Elle, Fashion Magazine, Star Magazine, Redbook and Scoop as well as being a hit in the swag bags at the Golden Globes and the Oscars! Following the release of the Bra Bag, The Brag Company launched a companion product, The Panty Pak, to keep panties organized in “clean” and “not so clean” sections during travel. The Panty Pak not only helps organize undergarments, it adds a level of privacy should luggage be opened accidentally or upon inspection. Durable and affordable, the Bra Bag and Panty Pak will help protect your delicate and expensive undergarments for many years.

What do you guys think ? Would you buy it ? Or do you already own it ? I think they are cute !


Me xx

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  1. wohhh!! superb i never even thought of this but thanks to you for reviewing this.may i please know the price?

  2. Yes, but then wouldn’t you have to buy a bag to protect your bra bag? So you might need a bra bag bag. And then a bra bag bag bag. Lol, I’m just kidding. I think I would invest in something like this especially since I am now starting to buy nice, classy grown up lady bras.

  3. awesome! I would buy these haha x

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