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Thank You Max !

Thank You Max !

12.30 PM

Mum : Hello.. The courier guy just delivered a parcel for you.

Me : Really ? 😮 *thinking what I ordered in last few weeks*

Me : But I didn’t order anything, I guess…

Mum : But it has your name on.. Do you want me to open it ?

Me : *What if it’s something I ordered and forgot with a big bill inside ?* No Mum ! Don’t open.. I will come home and see it.

Spent the entire day thinking of what might be in the parcel. PR sample ? No ! They always inform before sending anything. Credit Card statement ? Naahh.. Why would they send a parcel anyway ? Duuhhh… Gift from Aalhad ? He would have sent it at work address. I might have placed some order online and must have forgotten about it. It has to be that, for Sure !

9.30 PM

MeRing the door bell continuously till Mum opens it. “Mum, where is the parecel ?”

Mum : Its in your room.

Me : “Ok, Thank you !” Runs towards the room to open the Mystery parcel.

I saw a box lying on my bed. I saw MAX while unwrapping the box and was continuously thinking if I’ve order something from them. But they don’t have an online store, do they ? I was happy when I opened the saw the gorgeous scarf + wallet inside. Still wondering about the box, I opened the letter inside. As per the Letter, it was a gift from MAX from their latest collection. FREE GIFT ! *Jumping with joy*

Thank You Max !

Thank You Max !

Thank You Max !

Thank You Max !

It then struck me that I had done an Event at the MAX store in Pune and it was another ‘thank you’ gift from them. So sweet, isn’t it ? Since I can’t send them any return gift, I thought of doing a post for them.

So here’s my “Thank you” for the Max team. 🙂

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  1. how u received dis. how can i get it too?? pls do reply. its amazng hina

  2. Wow..That’s so sweet of MAX i say..!! and love the scarf so summery..!!

  3. wow.. what a pretty dress… I want this too…

  4. Loved the scarf Heena 🙂

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