The Top simple ways to get bigger, brighter eyes

Big, bambi eyes are known to be great indicators of youth and beauty. The bigger, brighter eyes, with adequate touch-up, also create a sensational illusion of wide-awake eyes in minutes. Some trendy ideas with kohl and mascara can help your eyes appear bigger and brighter, while looking crystal clear too.

Age can soften your eyes, with harsh and strong lines that will serve as a contrasting persona. By using short, soft strokes and then smudge the eyeliner, one can make the eyes bigger and more visible.

Check out some interesting tips for getting bigger, brighter eyes:

  • Curl Your Lashes

When lashes are straight, they usually cast shadow under the eyes, but when they are curled, the shadow is turned away. These curlers come in different shapes, and each of them have typical benefit for a specific set of eyelashes. For deep-set eyes, Shiseido’s curler is one of the best; but there are some that are perfect for different sets of eyelashes. Colorbar’s Showstopper Eyelash Curler is one of the best-selling eyelash curlers one can get at a reasonable price.

  • Tight lining is one way to go

Tight lining involves application of liner under the upper lash line, at the eyelash roots, adding much-needed definition to the shape of your eyes help them look thick and dark. This look eventually helps in making your eyes look bigger and brighter. L’Oréal’s Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner and Clinique’s Quick liner For Eyes are both efficient eyeliners that do the trick. Even Deborah Milano’s

Ultra-liner is popular eyeliner that will help you in tight lining your eyelashes.

  • Use a Highlighter

Irrespective whether you are using eye shadows, or something shimmery on top of the iris, would create a strong yet subtle reflective flash with every blink. The center of the lids needs to be highlighted with powder. Highlighters have the power to grab attention of onlookers. Clinique’s Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight is a popular choice as a highlighter and one can pick up Revlon’s highlighting palette to have a range of shades to match their attire.

  • Swap Out Your Basic Black Liner

People stick to black liners as if there are no other colors available. Using blue, and gray is helpful especially with the cool tones that can enhance the white in the eye with great effect. Check out some different shades in eye-liners and they visibly will bring out the best features clearly. Chambor’s Green Eye Tattoo Liner can give the users a brilliant makeover in terms of personality and look.

Here are some other tips that you can use to make eyes bigger and brighter on a routine basis:

  1. Use De-puff bags

One can drain the morning puffiness with a cool shot by submerging the face in ice cubes and even cucumber. Use cold eye drops near the eye area so that your puffed eyes are de-puffed easily.

  1. Brighten dark circles

Color correct all dark circles with great concealers that are shades lighter than the foundation so that the eyes are brightened automatically. Concealers usually can bring your eyes out bright without showing a trace of the night before. Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer is a good concealer that can brighten dark circles efficiently, and in turn brighten up the whole face.

  1. Contour the crease

Once you shade your cheeks giving them much-needed definition, contour the eyelids and shape them in different styles. An eyeshadow shade which is just about dark enough, darker than your skin tone and eyelid will do the trick. L’Oreal’s Color Riche La Palette consists of nude tones that will blend with the skin color and even provide with one shade darker tone.


  1. Use lengthening mascara

Mascara can help make your eyes look bigger but use a lengthening formula rather than a thickening one so that the oomph factor is spread across the length of the eyes. Stick 2-3 individual lashes to the outer corners so that you get the perfect cat eye shape. Clinique’s black high length mascara is a perfect one for all types of women who want a striking glance for themselves.


As stated by each of the tips above, the right eyeliners, mascaras, eye-shadows, and highlighters can add the glow to your eyes, making your face illuminated whenever you want it to be. Each aspect of your eyes and face are important to make the perfect impression, after all! Get all the range of eye products from latest brands at Shoppers Stop.


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