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Secret to Long Eye Lashes

Secret to Long Eye Lashes

Hello Lovelies,

I never paid much attention to my Eyelashes. I thought they are just fine. However, last month I met a very friend of mine after like 5 years. I couldn’t help staring at her eye lashes. Se had amazing eyelashes. For a moment i thought that she might be using fake lashes but after a little interrogation i got to know that they were real. I have medium short and scanty lashes. Agony, depression and jealousy over took me :P. I came home and did some research and came up with some very interesting advises. Trust me they worked like miracle. Its been nearly a month and the results are wonderful. My eyelashes have become noticeably smooth and have grown longer. In addition, long eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty.  Here are some of the best tips for you guys to grow your lashes naturally 😉 Go rule the world …

Vaseline :

I swear by it. I have been using Vaseline everyday from last one month now.
I am not much into mascaras, so i use it in the day instead of mascara and it instantly makes my lashes shine and smooth. You could also do it at night before going to sleep. I would also recommend using Vaseline on your eyebrows. If you have eyebrows that you would like to grow thicker, just wipe Vaseline on it. Also, it is quite good for shaping your eyebrows.

How to :  Just stick your index finger in the jar and take out a small bit. Massage it gently on your upper and lower lashes.

P.s : Pls do not apply eye makeup on Vaseline, your makeup will smudge terribly.
Oil :
Just like we oil our hair to make them long and strong, the same goes to our lashes.
As i wear Vaseline in the morning, i oil my lashes before going to sleep.
I use Castor oil. You could also use Almond oil, Olive Oil or Vitamin E oil.
How to : Recycle your old mascara brush. Clean it well. Dip it in the oil of your choice and apply in to your lashes like you apply mascara.
I hope this helps 🙂
Take care 😀


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