Dr Kalam said ”The Delhi girl has’nt died , instead she is moved to a better place where rape doesn’t happen.’ I so second to this statement. I got this message today morning and so want to share it with you guys. I was in tears by the time I could finish this message.


Maa mujhe dar lagta hai..bohot dar

lagta hai…

suraj ki Roshni Aag si lagti hai..

Paani ki Boondain bhi Tejaab si lagti


Maa Hawa main bhi zahar sa ghula

lagta hai…

Maa mujhe chhupa le bohot dar

lagta hai………..

Maa yaad hai wo kaanch ki Gudiya

jo Bachpan main tuti thi…

Maa kuch aise hi aaj main toot gayi


meri galti kuch bhi na thi maa fir

bhi khud se ruth gai hu…………

Maa bachpan main school teacher ki

gandi Nazaro se dar lagta tha…

padsos k chacha k Napaak iraadon

se dar lagta tha…

maa wo nukkat k ladko ki bekhouf

baaton se dar lagta hai..

or ab Boss k wahshi isharon se dar

lagta hai…

Maa mujhe chupa le..bohot dar

lagta hai :,(….

Maa tujhe yaad hai tere angan main

chidiya si fudak rahi thi..

thokar kha k main zameen par gir

padi thi..

do boond khoon ki dekh k maa tu

bhi ro padi thi…

maa tune toh mujhe phoolon ki

tarah pala tha..

un darindo ka aakhir maine kya

bigada tha…

kyu wo mujhe is tarah masal k chale


bedard meri rooh ko kuchal k chale


Maa tu toh kahti thi apni gudiya ko

dulhan banayegi…

mere is jeewan ko khushiyo se


maa kya wo din zindgi kabhi na


maa kya ab tere gher barat na


maa khoya hai jo maine kya fir se

kabhi na paungi?? Maa saans toh le

rahi hu..kya zindgi jee paungi??

Maa goorte hain sab alag hi nazaron


Maa mujhe un nazaron se chupa

le….maa bohot dar lagta hai mujhe

Aanchal main Chhupa le..

They rape her in Delhi, they send her to Singapore to get killed, then the PM comes and says that he ain’t gonna celebrate New Year due to compassion, the media says that her organs are all failing, the culprits order their Biriyanis , the judges don’t know whether they are fastrack or not, the public don’t know wat to do cause protesting and candle lighting hav been diverted to a constables death. Anna Hazare and Kejriwal are missing as usual along with Raj thackeray during a crisis. People are still watching the cricket match as Dabanng 2 is set to make 200 crores. It’s another day in Paradise. Oh , in the mean while 16 other rapes have been reported, 5 in delhi as well. As usual nobody cares. Women you have no hope for safety in this country. Save yourselves if you can. Its upto you to make sure It is gonna be a Happy New Year after all ..!!!

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  1. Taking her to Singapore was just an action to show that – Look we tried our best :X They don’t amend the rules. They just sit and comment ” Oh, we did this and that. We are great. ” It’s still like living in a country in 1947!

  2. this poem..made me cry…. my body is numb….
    I will share this on my blog..

    New year is no more a new year until she gets justice.

  3. Assalamu alaikum!
    This is heart wrenching……… 🙁
    Sister Allah has already said in Quran those who do oppression and cruelty on Earth be it any one, sooner or later he will pull the rope suddenly then there will be no where to hide for anyone of them.
    May he guide us and give us the strength to stop these sinners…

    I came here to wish you happy new year………..but i can’t in these circumstances…


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