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My Period Story + Whisper Ultra Clean Review

My Period Story + Whisper Ultra Clean Review


I was in fifth grade when I first got my period and I thought I had Cancer! No kidding.. I don’t blame my mother either. She would have never thought that I would get them at such a young age. When I first saw that red stain on my clothes, I got terrified and I was sure that I was going to die. I started crying hysterically and decided not to tell anyone about it o’wise they would get me operated. Ya, I was stupid then. However, just the next day, my mother noticed the stain and gave me a sanitary napkin. I was surprised by how calm she was and then she gave me a short brief about this time of the time and how it is going to happen every month.

It has been almost 18 years since that day but my relationship for my periods is still complicated. However, a good sanitary napkin does help me getting past those 5 days of the month. During the first two days, I get very high flow which leads to frequent changing and something an embarrassing stain.


So last month, when I attended the Whisper’s Blogger Meet for the #OwnThose5Days campaign for the launch for the new Whisper Ultra Clean, I couldn’t wait to put it to test. The new Whisper Ultra Clean claimed for 5 times better protection and lasts for longer hours without any odour. Now this is my first time reviewing a sanitary napkin and I might not be the best at it but here’s my honest opinion about the same.

The first thing I observed was the design on the pad. It had 1000 conical suction holes for better absorption and curves to avoid sideways leakage. No just the look, it also felt very comfortable with a better grip and the xl size ensured the perfect fit for me.

My Period Story + Whisper Ultra Clean Review
My Period Story + Whisper Ultra Clean Review

The suction holes does really help in better and faster absorption whilst keeping the top cover dry and comfortable for hours. Usually, I would change my pads atleast 4 times on the first day but with the new Whisper Ultra Clean, the count was shortened to tow which is quite impressive. Apart from that, I didn’t face any discomfort or any bad odour after long hours of wear.

Overall, I am very impressed with the new Whisper Ultra Clean and would urge you girls to give it a try. You can also get your free sample click here. Let’s #OwnThoseFiveDays



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