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Yummyyyy Hot Chocolate !!

Hello Gorgeous,

It was raining all day today. I went to a coffee shop with my friend and we ordered a hot chocolate… It was absolutely AMAZING!  I couldn’t help myself  to try a recipe for it ! Its probably not the best you would get out there but it very easy to make and it still tastes lovely! 

You’ll need :

  • Bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Milk
  • 1 Large Chocolate Bar. White, Milk or Dark, anything you prefer
  • A Cup or Mug

Instructions :

  • Melt the chocolate bar in a microwave or double boiler.
  • When the chocolate is nearly melted heat up some milk.
  • When the milk is hot and the chocolate melted, pour the melted chocolate into the milk and stir until fully blended together.
  • If you would like you can add some extra flavouring. E.g Vanilla essence or you could buy an orange or mint chocolate bar, works just as well!
  • Add whatever you want to the top, such as cream or chocolate powder or marshmallows or a flake or all of them!
  • Allow to cool down before drinking if too hot and then… Ta da! Awesome hot chocolate, but remember it is sweet!How do you make your favourite cup of Hot Chocolate ? Share some recipes 🙂

Secret to Long Eye Lashes

Secret to Long Eye Lashes

Hello Lovelies,

I never paid much attention to my Eyelashes. I thought they are just fine. However, last month I met a very friend of mine after like 5 years. I couldn’t help staring at her eye lashes. Se had amazing eyelashes. For a moment i thought that she might be using fake lashes but after a little interrogation i got to know that they were real. I have medium short and scanty lashes. Agony, depression and jealousy over took me :P. I came home and did some research and came up with some very interesting advises. Trust me they worked like miracle. Its been nearly a month and the results are wonderful. My eyelashes have become noticeably smooth and have grown longer. In addition, long eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty.  Here are some of the best tips for you guys to grow your lashes naturally 😉 Go rule the world …

Vaseline :

I swear by it. I have been using Vaseline everyday from last one month now.
I am not much into mascaras, so i use it in the day instead of mascara and it instantly makes my lashes shine and smooth. You could also do it at night before going to sleep. I would also recommend using Vaseline on your eyebrows. If you have eyebrows that you would like to grow thicker, just wipe Vaseline on it. Also, it is quite good for shaping your eyebrows.

How to :  Just stick your index finger in the jar and take out a small bit. Massage it gently on your upper and lower lashes.

P.s : Pls do not apply eye makeup on Vaseline, your makeup will smudge terribly.
Oil :
Just like we oil our hair to make them long and strong, the same goes to our lashes.
As i wear Vaseline in the morning, i oil my lashes before going to sleep.
I use Castor oil. You could also use Almond oil, Olive Oil or Vitamin E oil.
How to : Recycle your old mascara brush. Clean it well. Dip it in the oil of your choice and apply in to your lashes like you apply mascara.
I hope this helps 🙂
Take care 😀


Glowing Skin !

Glowing Skin !

Hey Beauties,

Today I am going to share a mask/exfoliater recipe which is Classic ! Its been passed over from generations. My Grandmother shared it with my mother and my mother with Me and my Sister. In India this pack is used on Bride as a tradition. Its has very basic ingredients and very easy to make. It will give you a radiant glow on your face, will improve your complexion, will soak up excess oil, remove dead cells, will give you a brighter complexion, etc etc.

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Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti




Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti

Fullers earth is a mineral clay that’s found abundantly in the world. Fuller’s earth is also known as healing earth.  It has properties that allow it to absorb oil. It also has therapeutic and great effects on the skin.

To know more about benefits of Fuller’s earth, read the below lines.

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Organic Lip Tint / Gloss

Organic Lip Tint / Gloss

Hello Lovelies,

There are many lip products in the market which are full or chemical ingredients and are very Expensive. We can easily make our homemade lip tint in just few minutes with products easily available. Now the best part about it is that everything is natural and chemical free, just like the lip stain.

This natural lip tint recipe is a cross between a lip gloss and a salve, and it adds a hint of both sheer color and moisture to lips. It is a great natural look for everyday wear and the lighter texture also makes a great alternative if you if you don’t like the heavier look or feel of a lipstick.

While this recipe calls for using beet juice, you can also experiment by using different combinations of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, elderberry or pomegranate juice.


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Detox Diet Plans

According to your broad objective, in consultation with a dietician, you can come up with the duration and frequency of your customised detox diet.

Mono detox diet

  • This diet focuses on eating only one fruit for a duration of a week or whatever is decided by your dietician.
  • Eating only one kind of fruit reduces the amount of work needed by the body for digestion. This way the body can concentrate on repairing its internal system.
  • This is an easier alternative for those who worry about going without food for long periods. This is just one food type, but its still food.
  • The most common fruits that are consumed are either grapes or apples. They supply organic water that bathes the body’s cells allowing them to cleanse themselves. It is easier for organic water to enter and exit the cells, facilitating the inward flow of nourishment and the outward flow of waste materials.
  • It also aids in maintaining the pH balance and sugar levels in your bloodstream.Try it after: An entire party season filled with junk food and rich, fatty and delicious Christmas dinners

Raw food diet

  • The philosophy behind this diet is that food should be eaten in its most natural form– raw.
  • Avoid all cooked food that degrade nutrients and processed food containing additives.
  • Eating foods in raw form preserves constituents, such as vitamins, fibre, organic forms of essential minerals, and chlorophyll that benefit and strengthen the immune system.
  • Foods like poultry beef and eggs cannot be eaten raw and should be avoided completely. Instead, focus on fresh fruits, vegetables and good quality fish
  • Consume nuts to maintain protein levels and drink lots of water and juices to stay hydrated.
  • This diet is easy on your digestive system because it consists of unprocessed food and it also cleans your liver.

Try it after: Nights of drinking copious amounts of alcohol that leave you never wanting more.

Juice fast detox diet

  • This diet involves consuming fresh juices from fruits and/or vegetables. They have to be freshly squeezed and not pre-packaged.
  • The juices supply fresh enzymes that promote the cleansing process.
  • Higher nutritional support of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes help in rejuvenating the body. The body assimilates the juices directly, without further producing digestive enzymes.
  • With the kind of lifestyle we have, our body tends to be toxic if you ingest too much red meat, processed foods or drink polluted water. Most juices have alkalinising properties helping to restore the acid-alkaline balance needed for the smooth functioning of body.
  • An added side benefit with this diet is that it helps you shed the extra kilos with ease. It also strengthens the immune system while flushing out the toxins.

Try it after: You’ve packed on the holiday kilos and feel sick from eating and drinking in excess.

De – Tan yourself !


De-tan: Hate getting your face bleached? Try this pack instead to lighten your summer tan.

Curd Pack :


Blend some curd into gram flour (besan) till it forms a smooth paste. Squeeze half a lemon into it (citrus fruits have a natural bleaching effect) Result wise: Get, set, glow.

Papaya punch:


This is one of the easiest de-tan packs. Mash a ripe papaya. Add some oatmeal that will act as a natural scrub. An egg white, if added to the mixture, will help tighten your skin. Those who have dry skin, mix in some honey Result wise: Cleaner, younger-looking skin’s all yours.

Cucumber cool:

Run a small peeled cucumber and 4-5 almonds through a blender. Add some cold milk to the paste. Result wise: Say hello to super soft skin with all the internal heat soaked up!

Potato power:

Roughly chop a raw potato and grind it to a paste in a blender. Add some orange juice/peel to the mixture. if you have dry skin, add a spoon of fresh cream (malai). Result wise: This works wonders on skin that’s begun to sag and show the first signs of ageing.

Go Red:

Make a paste out of a juicy apple or a ripe tomato and mix in some honey. This is great for oily skin. Result wise: Get fresh, minus the tan.


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