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Lotus Herbals Soyashine & Soyasmooth ‘Shampoo & Conditioner’ – Review

Lotus Herbals Soyashine & Soyasmooth 'Shampoo & Conditioner' - Review

My immense love for Lotus Herbals products made me buy this shampoo and conditioner. Lotus promised that the unique combination of Soya Protein and Brahmi strengthens and nourishes lifeless thin and delicate hair, and also adds luster and bounce to then.  Will this product keep my faith in Lotus Herbals ? Lets find out.

Lotus Herbals Soyashine & Soyasmooth 'Shampoo & Conditioner' - Review

Lotus Herbals Soyashine & Soyasmooth 'Shampoo & Conditioner' - Review

Shampoo :

Description:  The Lotus Herbal Kera Veda Soyashine Soyaprotein & Brahmi shampoo is a unique product which is moisturizes and cleanses hair with its high protein content. This shampoo is rich in soya proteins & Brahmi which helps develop skin shine and lustre. This translucent shampoo provides rich lather as it leaves hair & scalp dirt free.

Features:  This Unique combination of soya Protein and Brahmi not only strengthens and nourishes lifeless, thin and delicate hair, but also adds luster and bounce to them. The hydrolyzed soya protein penetrates and strengthens hair to protect against damage while Brahmi darkens hair color and promotes hair growth as well.

Contents:  Soya protein, Brahmi

Conditioner :

Description: Soya smooth is a specialist unique conditioner that de-tangles hair, leaving it soft, full & strong. It adds to the natural oil supply and gives dry hair, shine & bounce. It has thick viscosity like a crème that is rich in soya extracts

Contents:  Soya Protein (soya nut contains soya proteins).

My Review :

 My hair had been through a rough time and I thought of keeping them away from chemicals for a while. After reading the high claims by Lotus Herbals, I suddenly knew that I had to try the hair care range from Lotus Herbals after being satisfied from their makeup range.
It comes in a yellow bottle with a green flip top lid. They say first impression is the last one and this one really disappoint me with the packaging. I didn’t like the colors used and also the lid on the shampoo is really hard to open and close.
The shampoo and conditioner is shiny pearl white in color. It has a mild fragrance which disappears as soon as its washed. The consistency is just alright and the texture is very smooth. However, I need twice the quantity of a regular shampoo to wash my hair and its the same with the conditioner. It is easy to wash of the shampoo and conditioner from the hair though.
Soyashine Shampoo claimed to make my hair strengthen, nourish, darken hair color and promote its growth. Where in the conditioner spoke about giving instant body and moisture to the hair making it light and shiny. Honestly, my hair is a little shiny so I didn’t notice much of a difference in that part but it didn’t do the rest either. In-fact, my hair a felt bit dry and unmanageable. No, it didn’t promote my hair growth. 😐 The conditioner didn’t help to soften my hair either. 🙁
Overall, I am really disappointed with this product and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If you wanna make your hair dry then your can definitely give it a try. :
Why I liked it ?
  • Easily available.
  • Pocket friendly.

Why I didn’t like it ?

  • Didn’t stand up to its claims.
  • Made my hair dry.
  • Tedious packaging.

Rating : 

Lotus Herbals Soyashine & Soyasmooth ‘Shampoo & Conditioner’ is available for 165 INR and 160 INR.

Have you tried Lotus Herbals Soyashine & Soyasmooth ‘Shampoo & Conditioner’ ? Temme your experience with it below.

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  1. i brought soya shampoo and conditioner also hair oil and hair tonic but it is not perfect to me because i loose my hair fall.

  2. Such disappointment 🙁 One can never find the right shampoo it seems 🙁

  3. it looks like a disappointing product! 🙁

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