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Jewellery Haul – Wholesale-Dress.net

Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Jewellery Haul

Apart from wearing ONLY black, heavy accessories is also a part of my attire at MAC. Since I never fond of heavy accessories, I decided to start by minimal. Here’s my recent buy’s from wholesale-dress.net.

Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Elegant Pearl Charming Bracelet


Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Special Design Key Embellished Necklace Bronze


Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Chic Romantic Heart Necklace Gold

Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net

Retro Simple Wish Ring
Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Rhinestone Star Shaped Ring Silver
Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Restore Alloy Necklace Gold


Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Restore Alloy Necklace Gold


Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Star Pendants Embellished Short Necklace Silver
Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Charming Fox Type Long Sweater Necklace Copper
Jewellery Haul - Wholesale-Dress.net
Vintage Key Tassels Heart-shaped Embellished Necklace

This is the first time I ordered from wholesale-dresses.net. Honestly, I love the clothes, shoes & bags they have but never ordered them since I’ve had few bad experience (read missing parcels) in the past. I decided to give this site a shot and ordered the jewelleries from them.

It is a task to choose jewellery from the website. Not because they don’t have many, it is because they have too many.  Since I wanted to go for minimal, above are the products I shortlisted. I placed an order on 9th July 2013 and received them on 2nd September 2013. The order was shipped from China and I had lost hopes that I would ever receive it. Anyways, better late than never. All the stuffs were nicely wrapped in a bubble wrap which was kept safely inside a cardboard box. None of the pieces were damaged. However, one anklet was missing from the parcel. As the parcel was intact and not opened, I think wholesale-dress.net forgot to send that piece.

Everything on the site is dirt cheap and I am happy with my purchase. However, I feel that the quality isn’t that great and the pictures on the site can be a little deceiving. I always apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to slow down the damage process. But for the price, I am quite happy with them. I totally adore the Vintage Key Tassels Heart-shaped, Charming Fox Type Long Sweater Necklace, Rhinestone Star Shaped Ring, Key Embellished Necklace and the Elegant Pearl Charming Bracelet is the top favorite.

I paid a total of $19.91 ($12.62 for the stuffs and $6.41 for shipping) which was equivalent to Rs 1252 then. I’ve already started making a list for my next purchase from wholesale-dress.net. Just waiting for the Rupee to rise and shine again. 😛

What do you think about my haul ? Which is your favorite piece ? Have you shopped from Wholesale-dress.net before ?

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  1. Hi! Im Jessica, I want to know whether they accept debit card instead of credit card or not.

  2. which shipping method did you choose?

  3. Amazing pieces you choose ..
    Thats totally a bargain ..

  4. Great post .. I agree this is truly a great site and the products come at amazingly low prices.. I never had a bad experience with them.. In fact my first parcel arrived in 3 days !! They have a great collection 🙂

  5. kta baat hai.. so many cute things. I really like that key ans star pedent

  6. OMG I love almost everything 😉

  7. I love wd.cm..always end up shopping more and more :p Nice stuff 🙂

  8. Rupee to rise and shine? Let me know when that happens 😛 Doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon.
    Nice haul… Lovely pictures! 🙂

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