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I got a Google Pagerank

Hello Angels,

My blog was dead for a while now. It was because I was switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and now we have a website.:D My domain was unavailable for a while in this process hence I couldn’t post anything. Anyways, it all done and good now. I am still working on the layout and complicated stuffs but also really happy with how it looks now. Do you like it ? Please let me know if you think of any better ideas for improvement. 😀

OK, back to the topic. Its been 4 months since I started this blog and in the process learned about Google Page Rank and its importance. Curious  as always I am, check my PR in the 2nd month and was hurt to see that I was no where there. 🙁 However, I didn’t loose hope and it paid me off today. I just checked my Page rank and its 1. Yes girls, just in a matter of 4 months I gotta page rank. You can also check you page rank here. Just enter your URL and ta-da !



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