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Get a Makeover with Makeup Bingo

Get a Makeover with Makeup Bingo

Many of the people who scour Youtube for new makeup styles understand the struggle of finding a look that fits you. After all, as Lancome and several other experts point out, makeup can have varied effects depending on your face shape and skin tone. The hunt for the perfect look that isn’t just easy, but beautiful as well, can be quite frustrating, and many girls end up settling for one look, which they wear whenever they need to get made up. It could be a simple combination of smoky eyes and nude lipstick, or a color palette that you enjoy, but most girls have that look they always fall back on.

If you’re looking for a new look, however, and are curious as to what other looks you can pull off, a game of Makeup Bingo might be just what you need. While bingo hasn’t always been seen as the most fashionable of games because it’s more popular with geriatrics in bingo halls, many bingo operators have been hard at work trying to change this image. In fact, early last year, Gala Bingo invited popular British makeup artist Mikey Phillips to join Jenni Crane in a special show on Gala Bingo TV and showed fans how to get a great makeover done.

Thanks to bingo, you don’t even need a celebrity makeup artist to be able to get your makeover. All you really need to do is scour your favorite resources for looks that you’d like to try: different styles of doing eyeliner and mascara, different shades of lipstick and blush, and different shades and styles of eyeshadow. Next, use your favorite program to construct the items into a bingo card, setting aside one column for each element like so:

Get a Makeover with Makeup Bingo
Get a Makeover with Makeup Bingo

Now, label each item in each column from 1-5, and once you’re ready to start playing, roll a die for each column and take note of the element that corresponds to the number you rolled. Through this, you should have a list of one eyeshadow style, one eyeliner style, one color of blush, and one shade of lipstick, which you can then practice wearing together to see if they work for you. Not only will this help you find a new look, but you’ll become familiar with different techniques as well.

Of course, it’s better to pick a color palette that will compliment your skin tone right off the bat, so you don’t end up with a look that “would be alright, in a different color”. She Knows has a great quiz that should help you get started.

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