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Future Of Fashion Destination in an APP-only World

Future Of Fashion Destination in an APP-only World

Future Of Fashion Destination in an APP-only World?
Future Of Fashion Destination in an APP-only World?

The fashion world is changing rapidly and with it is changing the style to shop.Shopping is getting easier now even more than ever and we’re not just talking about being able to shop from the comforts of home. You can now check for the latest prices in multiple catalogs, availability of products, comparison of prices, special promotions, discounts, reviews and lowest prices on your smartphone through an app.

Myntra bringing down their website is not entirely surprising, but the fact that they are going to continue exclusively as a mobile app alone seems fascinating to me and reflects a changing trend in the online e-commerce space.

Swipe, select and shop! Yes, it’s that simple now. Shopping with the all new Myntra App now available on play store and iTunes store is like carrying the entire retail outlets in your pocket(phone/tablet). You save everything here your time and money.

Myntra already have this incredible site where you can browse through 1,60,000+ products. As per the recent survey online shopper penetration is set to increase from 9% to 36%nin the next few years.Finding this perfect opportunity and time we see online shopping websites now launching their apps to make it even more convenient and easy to access to the consumers, Myntra is one of the first brand to do so. Here’s what this app has to offer.

Imagine a App that would allow you to select the product of your choice, refine your search based on popularity, discount, price, colors, sizes and more using the sort and filter feature; wat else would you want. With the ever increasing technology and advancements this has become possible.

Most of us agree to have shopped online atleast once till now, so we know how convenient it is to just browse through products, add to cart, pay and exit. while this becomes even more simpler on an App. You are no longer required to be sitting besides your PC or a laptop  just to browse through the websites, with Apps for shopping available now on Google Play Store and IOS; users are able to browse through and shop on the go on their smart phones and Tablets.

The additional benefit that you have while using an App that it gives you notifications about a new offer or discount season so no longer reminders to be kept on the calendar to remind you about the upcoming discounts or sale.

What is an ideal way to shop? Sit in a comfortable place and swipe and browse through the brands and offers take suggestions from friends and family? Yes this seems to be the most simpler and ideal way right? Well if you are shopping through an App you can experience the same.

While using the Myntra app you will automatically come to  know the latest trend for lifestyle and chances are that you could set one yourself. What more would you want from an App? Convenience of browsing and shopping through so many brands including the premium ones on your phone, it allows us to browse through a wide and exceptional varieties of Men’s, Women’s, teens and Kids categories. You name it and the app will search it for you. Additionally you get convenient exchange policy and hassle free payment options.

While using Myntra App on your smartphone or tablet you can easily add your Myntra coupon code directly into the app and get notifications of beat deals and offers. Myntra has already started promoting this app and has received a massive response. Their team is so confident that they have already started to shift all of their sales to their app and close the website soon.

I think this is first time in India when a company is going from “Web + Mobile” format to only “mobile” format and it would be interesting to see how this pans out in the next one year.

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