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Fastrack Tote Bag – Fuscia Pink.

Fastrack Tote Bag – Fuscia Pink.

 Fastrack Tote Bag - Fuscia Pink.

Looking for an affordable trendy tote ? Love Neon ? Then you must definitely check out this amazing tote collection from Fastrack. It is a multi utility canvas tote in trendy neon colours with an inner organizer pocket and contrast YKK zip.

Be it a beach party with friends or a fun-filled getaway with family, this Fastrack Tote – For Girls could be the perfect pick for you. This tote bag is made of cotton on the exteriors and polyester material on the interiors, hence ensuring extra-secure support to all your essentials. Furnished with one pocket, this tote bag lets you stash all your nitty-gritties without much hassle. In addition to this, the bag also comprises of a zippered closure that promotes safe encasing of all your belongings.

In addition to this, the Fastrack Tote – For Girls also comes with an inner organizer pocket that lets you settle all your possessions like make-up kit, mobile phone, wallet, keys, bills and much more in an orderly manner. Measuring 330.2 x 355.6 x 38.1 mm in dimension, this tote bag is lightweight and hence is an absolutely portable fashion accessory. You could club this casual Fastrack Tote – For Girls with purple shorts, a tank top with flats to look effortlessly trendy.

Fastrack Tote Bag - Fuscia Pink.

Fastrack Tote Bag - Fuscia Pink.

Fastrack Tote Bag - Fuscia Pink.

Material  :  Inner: 100% Polyester, Outer: 100% Cotton, Zipper: YKK
Colour  :  Fuschia Pink
Dimension  :  14 in X 13 in X 1.5 in
I have always liked Fastrack products in my teens, probably because I couldn’t afford luxury products.However, Fastrack never disappointed me with their product quality. You could say that I have grown up with Fastrack staring from my School Bag, my first Watch, Wallets, Trendy Watches, Sun Glasses, Bags, etc. I became quite distant with this brand when I started working because I could afford something more expensive.
I was recently passing by a Fastrack store and couldn’t ignore the Flat 25% sale and walked into the store. I was amazed by the huge collection available at the store.  I thought of picking up something for my little sister and my eyes fell on this stunning neon color tote. It is available in Aqua Blue, Fuscia Pink, Fanta Orange and Lemony Line.  I picked the former two, Aqua Blue for my sister and Fuscia Pink for myself.
I love the color combination of the my bag. Fuchia pink with bright yellow border and aqua blue from inside totally rocks. The bag is made of cotton from exterior and has a polyester lining from inside which makes it water proof to some extent. It also has a zipper closure for safety. The bag is washable but there is np guarantee on color.
The neon colors and playful and trendy. I think its ideal for college going girls to flaunt neon bags paired with neon nails. I wish I was in college 🙁 It is also really spacious and would accommodate a lot of books + makeup. 😛  The best part, its dirt cheap. Unfortunately, there was no discount on this collection but I think 450 is still cheap for this amazing bag. 🙂
 Key Features
  • Tote
  • Ideal for Girls
  • Made of Cotton (External) and Polyester (Internal)
  • Zipper Closure
  • 1 Pocket
Fastrack Tote Bag – Fuscia Pink is priced at Rs.450
Did you like my neon tote ? Which is your favorite bag ?

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  1. this looks awesome ? is itt available online ?

  2. Nice tote bag! I love the colors! I think it will also be a great beach bag ^^

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