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Do you keep a diary ?

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I was always fascinated by the idea of keeping my thoughts, secrets, love, hate, dreams, fears, fantasy, etc. safely in a diary. But having a younger sister, its next to impossible to keep anything private. I did start writing a diary couple of times but there was always a possibility / fear that someone would find and read it. I also thought that if I die unexpectedly, my parents would find out my diary and they will know all my secrets. 😛 Hence, I never kept a diary.

Since its less than Six months for our wedding and we meet hardly once a month we came up with a thought. Day before yesterday, Aalhad (that’s his name) and I decided to pen down everything that would happen in the next few months till the day we get married. We also promised to keep the diary private and pass it to each other as our wedding gift one of our wedding gifts.  And this time, its gonna be an online journal and I can keep it private with a password. Go sister, try  to figure it out ! 😛

I know it sounds very teenage y but I can’t wait to start it already. Aalhad already started writing his diary. In-fact I read two posts he wrote and I re read them thousands time already. I mean I know him for more than 4 years now but its like reading his heart. How did I read his posts ? Well, I set up the private blog for him but he forgot to change the password. Even though I promised I won’t read, I just couldn’t resist. Shhh…… 😛   So ya, I asked him today to like change his password if he wanna keep it as a secret o’wise I am not the one to be blamed.

Tomorrow is a special day and I’ve decided to start mine from tomorrow. So excited ! By brain is kinda flowing with the thoughts that I am gonna write. 😛 Did you keep a diary ? If not, I guess we could start together for tomorrow. It would be so much fun ! 😀 Lemme know what you think about it. 🙂


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  1. I used to write in microsoft word n secure it with a password..bt my younger bro whn he couldn’t open the file,would ask me abt it thousands of time,So i deleted it 🙁
    But this is a gud idea having a online private blog,I will too try to write now

  2. I love teenage-y stuff 😀 .. Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji 😛

    And, I keep a diary only for blog purpose 😛

  3. Natasha (Nats)

    i wrote a comment and its nt there 🙁

  4. moderation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I used to keep a diary bt nt anymore coz there is this constant fear tht someone may read it… so if i wanna write something i write in an email and save it in drafts… That’s a good thing tht u guys hv decided to write ur journey.. it will always b a reminder of the good times and feelings u guys share before marriage!!!!

    • Hey Nats.. I can totally relate..Email drafts are great but why don’t you do a private blog or something ? You can also add pics and stuffs..

      You think it is worth it ? I finally started mine today. 🙂

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog!

  7. I am following you 🙂 Please follow me <3


  8. Hello from germany 🙂 would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i’ll follow you back waiting for your response <3

    Please like me on facebook

  9. hahaha 🙂 this sounds cool 🙂
    even i love writing diary 🙂 which is full of my self, i tried couple of times writing but was scared what if some one sees it.. so had to delete it 😛 may be i might give this idea of having a online diary as a shot 🙂



  10. To get some insight about my thoughts you can check out my other blog, if you would like to

  11. Hey I have kept onine diary.
    And you are so right, as even I have a younger sister and it is so hard to keep secrets. Lol
    I started writing when I was really stressed out, when I was happy or when I did not find anyone else to say my thoughts.
    And trust me hina it helps. After writing my heart out. I felt so relieved and most of the times I found out solutions!
    But i dont make it a habit as it makes me too involved in my problems…

  12. Hey datz great dat u r starting to write a diary.. I also decided this but dint ever start coz of the same reasons as u mentioned(brother in my case) 😛 But u gave me an awsum idea..d online one..ill try 😉

  13. so u reading my posts secretly now :p ..baby i wud luv to read ur thoughts,eagerly waiting for our wedding day 🙂 and thank u for giving me this superb idea

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