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Dinning Etiquette Workshop + #BrunchWithFeminaBelive

Dinning Etiquette Workshop + #BrunchWithFeminaBelive
Dinning Etiquette Workshop + #BrunchWithFeminaBelive

Hey Everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have been a some video clip of me showing off my chopsticks skills. Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know how to hold them properly until I attended this amazing Dinning Etiquette workshop by Femina Believe. Read on to know more about it.

About Femina Belive:

Borrowing a leaf from the legacy of Femina & it’s connect with the modern Indian women, Femina Believe Personality Development Workshops conducts short intensive workshops in a variety of subjects.
Unrivalled curriculum, best in class Femina Believe trainers, warm and conducive learning environment make our workshops a unique learning experience.

Femina Believe launches a selection of short thorough workshops in subjects like:

  • Makeup: Empower yourself with techniques to overcome your self-consciousness and skillfully apply makeup for every occasion.
  • Styling: Understand the nuances of styling to make the right outfit choices based on various parameters.
  • Dining etiquette: Be assured to dazzle by learning the elements and characteristics of graceful dining.
  • Communication skills & body language: Nurture personal and professional relationships with the ability to project the right personality.

Femina Believe workshops are currently conducted in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR.

Car #selfie ? On ny way to have a brunch with Femina #BrunchWithFeminaBelieve 

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My Experience With Dining Etiquette Workshop:

When I received an invitation form Femina Believe for the dining etiquette workshop, I jumped up with joy! I have always been fascinated by the elements and characteristics of graceful dinning. Although I know how to hold a fork, knife and spoon, I wanted to learn more advanced techniques like table setup, different types of meals, placement of plates and cutlery and most importantly; how to use a chopstick.


The beautiful table setup at #brunchwithfeminabelieve A photo posted by Hina (@hinaattar) on

The workshop was held at the beautiful Hakkasan restaurant in Mumbai.  We were welcomed by a serving of refreshments while the table was being setup for us. The workshop was conducted by the very famous Greeshma Thampi who is also a very famous Image consultant. She was extremely polite and very patiently answered all our questions.
Greeshma thought us this very interesting concept of setting a table. Its BMW! Which simply means Bread-Meal-Water. Bread plate is always set of the left followed by the Main Mean plate in the center & water/wine is placed on the right. Isn’t it easy to remember? Below is also an example picture of a formal dinner table layout.
Dinning Etiquette Workshop + #BrunchWithFeminaBelive
Table Setup

I have actually saved this image on my phone to remember the setup in case I ever need it.

She also took us through a very interesting background of dinning etiquette and also how different are the dining cultures around the world. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • France: Do not split the bill. Either offer to pay entirely or someone else will. Rest your hands above the table and not on your lap. Break bread with fingers and do not bite into it. Italy: Avoid milk beverages post a meal, go for espresso instead. Never add extra Parmesan on your pizza. Over and above the service charge already added in your bill, you could tip 5-10% for exceptional service.
  • Thailand: Do not eat any rice based dish with fork. Only use it to push the food onto the spoon. It is very common to share food. Never take the last bite from the common serving bowl.
  • China: Tips are not encouraged. Leave a small quantity of food on your plate to show that your host treated you well. Arrive on time and be dressed well out of respect for your host.
  • Japan: No Tips. It is considered rude. Never hold the chopsticks vertically or cross them. After you’ve eaten the meat balls, sip the soup directly from the bowl.

Delicious dumplings #BrunchWithFeminaBelieve

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Last but not the least, we also learnt the art of using and eating with a chopstick. I can’t tell you guys how excited I was to hold those chopsticks between my fingers. Al-tough it seems a bit tricky but after a bit of practice all of us could very easily eat our meals with a chopstick.


Finally learning to use chop sticks at #BrunchWithFeminaBelieve A video posted by Hina (@hinaattar) on

After my wonderful experience, I would highly recommend you guys to check out the workshops conducted by Femina Believe.

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