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Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes – Review

Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes – Review

Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes - Review
Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes – Review

If I had to describe this product in one word, it would be ‘Multi-Purpose.’ Being a professional & a blogger, I am always on the go and you’d always find a packet of wipes in my hand bag. For me, hygiene is up-most important & this is when a product like Dettol Multi-Use Wipes comes to rescue.

Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes:

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes are suitable for use on both skin and surfaces. They provide protection from a wide range of germs wherever, whenever.

  • Ideal for instant clean-ups of hands, face or even surfaces
  • Protects against a wide range of germs
  • Gentle on skin
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance
  • Alcohol free
  • Use at home, in the car, office, or on holiday

My Review on Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes:

When I was young, my mother would put a couple of drops of Dettol in my bathing water to kill the germs. It has always been around even while I was growing up. When I grew up, it was replaced by new & fancy bath & shower products. Recently, I got re-introduced to dettol in the form of these wipes and now I am not going to let it go!

Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes comes in a white & green plastic packaging with a opening on the front to remove the wipes. A packet contains 30 wipes which are white in color & are very moist. The fragrance is very delicate & refreshing.

I can’t even begin to describe the versatility of this product. It can be used almost everywhere! On face & on surfaces! Amazing, isn’t it? On days when I am too tired or just plain lazy to remove makeup, I simply take a Dettol wipe from it’s packet & it does that for me. Even though it removes most of my makeup, waterproof makeup does require an additional cleanser. But then again, I don’t use a lot of waterproof makeup so it works just perfectly for me.

Since these wipes are alcohol free, I haven’t noticed any itching or burning sensations on my face which does happen with a lot other face wipes I have used. And the best part is it doesn’t only removes my makeup but also kills germs. There are quite gentle on my skin & helps maintain it’s pH level.

Apart from cleaning my face, hands & removing makeup, I have also used to clean desk, makeup kits, brushes, laptop, Television, kitchen worktops, phone screen, and the list is just endless. As the name suggests, it is actually multi-use.

Overall, the Dettol Multi-Use Wipes has become a must have in my handbag life. Right from removing makeup to cleaning my phone, it is there for everything. I am simply addicted to it!

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes are priced at INR 115 & can be bought online from Amazon.in

Have you used Dettol Multi-Use Original Wipes? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂



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