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De – Tan yourself !


De-tan: Hate getting your face bleached? Try this pack instead to lighten your summer tan.

Curd Pack :


Blend some curd into gram flour (besan) till it forms a smooth paste. Squeeze half a lemon into it (citrus fruits have a natural bleaching effect) Result wise: Get, set, glow.

Papaya punch:


This is one of the easiest de-tan packs. Mash a ripe papaya. Add some oatmeal that will act as a natural scrub. An egg white, if added to the mixture, will help tighten your skin. Those who have dry skin, mix in some honey Result wise: Cleaner, younger-looking skin’s all yours.

Cucumber cool:

Run a small peeled cucumber and 4-5 almonds through a blender. Add some cold milk to the paste. Result wise: Say hello to super soft skin with all the internal heat soaked up!

Potato power:

Roughly chop a raw potato and grind it to a paste in a blender. Add some orange juice/peel to the mixture. if you have dry skin, add a spoon of fresh cream (malai). Result wise: This works wonders on skin that’s begun to sag and show the first signs of ageing.

Go Red:

Make a paste out of a juicy apple or a ripe tomato and mix in some honey. This is great for oily skin. Result wise: Get fresh, minus the tan.


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