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Currently Loving – Random Things !

Currently Loving – Random Things !

Hello cookies,

How is your weekend going ? I spent my Saturday click pictures and doing makeup for the blog. What did you guys do ? I so wanted to see Talaash today but the plan got cancelled. 🙁 Did you guys see it ? Is it worth a watch ?

Anyways, back to the topic, this week I am obsessed with Pixlr. I was never good at drawing but editing is so much fun. I cannot stop myself from making collage, adding frames, stickers, images, etc etc. I want to recommend this everyone who wants to make their pics looks attractive. The is my latest edit using Pixlr and I am totally loving it. Did you guys like it ?


I always like to listen to music while doing anything, even while studying. Weird  I know ! 😛 I have been listening to these two songs like crazy this week. First is Gangnam style, a South Korean pop song which is fun to watch and hear both. I love the way he dances, so cute ! 🙂 Hear the song if you have not yet. I bet you’ll enjoy it.

Gangnam Style

Next is my favorite song by Mindy Gledhill called I wanna hold the whole wide world. I relate so much to this song and I think you would too. The lyrics is so beautiful and meaningful. I have set it a my ringtone but couldn’t find this caller tune. 🙁 Give it a go girls !

Whole wide world

My favorite lines from the song :

I’m gonna go and take a chance,
I’m gonna learn to ballet dance,
Learn a little something about romance,
I’m gonna go and take a chance.

I’m gonna live a crazy dream,
Impossible as it may seem,
Doesn’t matter what the future brings,
I’m gonna live a crazy dream.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great Sunday everyone ! 🙂



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  1. i am gonna check out pixlr… and i have heard the song… beautiful it is!!

  2. Omg i love editing pics n “girly-ing” it up 😀
    IM hopping on to pixlr right now!!

    n surely gonna check out that song! Hope u had a nice weekend 🙂

    • Same pinchy. 😛 You should do it right away. You’ll love it. 🙂
      Ya babes, had a nice weekend. hope you had the same. 🙂

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