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Bridal Diary : Decor


The one thing I had envisioned on my Nikaah was to sit right next to Aalhad and watch him say ‘Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai !’

I’ve attended my cousins Nikaah and mostly the bride sits in one room and the groom occupies the stage until “Qubool hai” done. Later, the bride gets to go on the stage and join the groom. I knew that I didn’t want it like this and fortunately my father was fine with it (with few tweaks here and there).

Since the wedding will be held in Pune, we’ve selected a place which is closer to our house. All Most of the planning is done from our end as the guy is from Mumbai and anyways, I already know how I want the decor to look like. My father of course didn’t like the idea of US sitting together for Nikaah but he did allow me to share the stage with him.



Luckily, the stage is massive and I finally settled on the idea of getting a net curtain partition on the left side of the stage (something like the pic above). I should then be able to see and hear Aalhad and he can see / hear me too. 😀 🙂  Apart from that, I want the entire theme to be gold and red.

I also want to include Arabic  into my wedding decor and hence I’ve decided to get our names done in Arabic for the stage decoration.

Tomorrow, I am going to meet the decor people and InshaAllah everything should go as per plan. What do you think about it ? Is there anything else you think I should include /exclude ?



Disclaimer : I don’t own any images on this post.

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  1. Loved your idea to share the stage. congratulations dear 😀

  2. Lovely post! Every thing is perfect love ur idea Golden n red color actually compliment each other <3 it

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