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Bid Adieu To Hair Fall & Damaged Hair

Bid Adieu To Hair Fall & Damaged Hair

Bid Adieu To Hair Fall & Damaged Hair
Bid Adieu To Hair Fall & Damaged Hair

Is your head full or damaged, dry & unruly hair? Are you fed up of a bunch of hair strands falling out of your head everyday? When it comes to hair, losing it is the greatest worry women have. And when it does happen, a lot of us turn to our hairstylist to chop off those long lock only to regret it later. However, I have created a list of few changes you can incorporate in your lifestyle to save those gorgeous tresses.

Start these healthy new habits now to help your damaged hair look better in the short run, while bringing it back to good health in the long run. It’s important to remember that repairing damaged hair won’t happen over night, but over time developing these habits will aim you down the road to recovery.

Clean It Up!

We make sure to not miss our monthly facial cleanups but do also clean up your tresses? The styling products, conditioners, dust & even the water we use to wash our hair can sometime leave a lot of junk behind removing the shine. Product build up is a real thing with hair and can make them limp, lifeless, dry, brittle & can even cause hair fall.

Getting this built up gunk off your hair is the first step in repairing damage and having healthier hair. A good clarifying shampoo, a baking soda clarifying treatment, or an apple cider vinegar rinse are great options for removing product build-up, hard water deposits, and mineral build-up on your hair.

Know Your Shampoo & Conditioner:

Don’t pick up a shampoo & conditioner because it had a great offer! Use a shampoo & conditioner that is formulated for your hair type. For example, if you color your hair, you should use shampoo designed for color-treated hair.

Focus on cleaning your scalp, rather than washing the entire length of your hair and don’t skip that conditioner. Conditioner can significantly improve the look of damaged or weathered hair. It increases shine, reduces static on your hair, and improves your hair’s strength. 

Ideally, you shouldn’t shampoo more than twice / thrice a week if possible. Shampooing too frequently can strip damaged hair and create brittleness. If your hair needs a pick-me-up, use a dry shampoo in between your air washes. And yes, don’t forget to take the last rinse with cold water to close your hair cuticle resulting in shinier, smoother hair.

Hydrate & Replenish:

Over time, your hair depletes its essential nourishing oils. Essential oils may be the rescue you’re looking for. Using them as part of your hair care routine can breathe new life and luster into your hair.

Hot Oil treatments are another option to repair dry, damaged hair. They are simple to do at home and infuse damaged hair with moisture and shine. Apply your favorite hair oil generously to clean, towel dried hair. My favorite is the good old Dabur Vatika Hair Oil. Hot oil treatments can be done one to three times per month depending on the amount of damage and how dry your hair is.  Proper use of these treatments can increase elasticity to damaged hair and create sheen.

Say No To Hot Styling Tools

Let your hair air dry to avoid pulling on your hair while blowdrying or straightening it. If you can’t live without your blow out, use the blowdryer on a low-heat setting and don’t pull at any tangles in your hair. Use a thin comb to lightly pull tangles apart.

Blow dryers, curling irons or straightening irons damage hair. Whenever possible, air dry your hair and don’t use irons on it. If you really need to blow dry your hair, keep it on the lowest heat setting. If you must use heat, prepare the hair with a heat protecting spray.

Protection Is Better Than Cure

One of the biggest culprits of hair damage, color fade, and brittle ends is sun damage. Signs of sun damage to your hair can include dry hair with brittle or broken ends, faded hair color, frizz and weakened or thinning hair. If you’re not protecting your hair from the sun’s UV rays, the time to start is now. Although the sun’s exposure is more intense during the summer months, it shines all year round.

Are you a swimmer? Then always wear a swim cap in the pool. Chlorine causes hair damage that builds up over time. If you do go swimming without a cap, wash the chlorine out right away with a gentle shampoo.

Your Hair Is What You Eat!

Maintaining good overall health can help damaged hair get healthy along with the rest of your being. As with your entire body, your hair is affected by what you eat and drink. Make sure to consume lots of water, vitamins and essential nutrients. A diet rich in lean meats and other proteins, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy help keeps hair happy.

Supplements can help fill in the gaps for a less-than-perfect diet and get your damaged hair onto the road to recovery.

For more information & tips on hair care, visit here.

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