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9 Tips to End Diabetic Skin Woes

9 Tips to End Diabetic Skin Woes
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9 Tips to End Diabetic Skin Woes

Diabetes, a chronic metabolic disorder, is defamed for many long-term and short-term complications it brings along with itself. In this disease, body’s blood sugar level elevates which then leads to high blood pressure, glaucoma and many heart problems. However, there is another major issue which arises due to this disease and that is skin problems.

According to the reports of the American Diabetic Association, around 33% of people with diabetes develop diabetes-related skin problems. This problem generally starts with the chronic rash, fungal infection or a blister. If not paid attention to, it can worsen day by day and take a form of some serious disease.

However, before getting into the solution of diabetic skin issues, let us discuss the symptoms of their first appearance on the skin.

  • Changes in skin color
  • Changes in skin temperature
  • Any corn or calluses
  • Dry cracks
  • Swelling in foot or legs
  • Ingrown toe nails
  • Fungal infection in nails
  • Sores on the feet

Diabetic skin problems can be of many forms such as dry skin, itchy skin, digital sclerosis, rashes like Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum, fungal infections in vagina, nails and feet, boils, cuts and nicks and many more.

Now, let us discuss nine useful tips by which you can prevent yourself from these diabetic skin problems.

  • In diabetes, your blood sugar level increases which causes loss of fluid from the cells, making them dry. Drink plenty of water, and sugar-free and caffeine-free drinks. Also avoid hot baths and showers. You should also maintain your blood glucose level.
  • The poor blood flow in diabetic patients causes itchy skin. It can be avoided by use of suitable moisturizers. Further, one should indulge in foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fat pacifies the inflammation and nourishes the skin from inside.
  • To prevent yourself from athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, make sure that you never go barefoot. Moreover, you must always wear well-cushioned sandals so that they do not rub or irritate your skin. Keep your toenails always trimmed and watch your feet daily for any sign of sore, boil or any other infection.
  • Occasional paper cuts or minor bruises may not be a big thing for a normal person but for a diabetic patient they take a long time to heal due to poor blood flow and nerve damage. For such injuries, you can use either anti-bacterial soaps or tea tree oil to prevent further infection.
  • When you go for a manicure, make sure that your cuticles are never pushed back or cut. It will prevent you from nail infections.
  • If any boil appears on your skin, do not break the skin as doing it may cause severe infections.
  • A diabetic patient should always avoid perfumed or colorful toilet paper as it may lead to vaginal yeast infections.
  • Heat and moisture can cause chafing, rashes and friction sores in the areas of body folds. To avoid this, diabetic patients should wear loose breathable clothes to let the air circulate in the deep body parts.
  • Neem leaves and Neem oil are quite helpful in fighting with the skin ulcers. Neem supports the body’s ability to respond against ulcers and boosts the immune system.

 Although these tips can help you fight from different diabetic skin problems, but if you still find any persisting skin issue, you must immediately visit a good dermatologist.

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